Is this what your employee looks like when they answer a question?

The Past...
Hopefully, you've drug tested and background screened that new employee before you hired them. That's a smart move for sure.
The Future...
So far you've done your best to weed out any bad apples that may want to associate with your business, group or organization. However, what may the future hold? Do you know if this is a person who may have a propensity in the future for bad behaviors that can be costly to you such as:
Stealing Property
Sexual Harassment
Other Costly Behaviors...

The Now & The Know...
It is now possible at an incredibly reasonable cost to utilize the same tools that Fortune 500 and major professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS use to evaluate new personnel ---- at a cost that you can't afford to say no to. Your investment cost in hiring the people is just as important as theirs. Be assured that the list above of potential hiring hazards is far more costly than our 20 minute Online Integrity Assessment and as a FREE bonus to your organization, Aptitude Assessments.

The Science
Integrity testing involves a series of questions, some similar in nature to others, that simply asks a person to select from options or provide a written description of their personal use in the past, regarding issues such as use of drugs or alcohol on the job, theft from employers, general attitude toward employers, etc.
The Value
The administration of a well designed assessment can be accomplished quickly, usually in about 20 minutes. The results are given and validated in almost instantaneous fashion. How will this benefit business people?

It is most helpful for employers and for that matter a job applicant to know what their talents and suitability is for a job or profession. This type of assessment is often used in school systems to help evaluate a student's aptitude for various career paths. Being available as an online resource will help you in making good personnel choice.