Industries Served

Our search packages are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of different businesses and industry segments.  This gives you a head-start on designing a package that meets your particular needs.  We begin with a package that targets your industry and then add and subtract search elements until you are happy with the results.  Often, clients can use an existing package without any alteration!  Some examples:

The Health Care search packages are designed to give you peace of mind about the employees to who you grant access to data systems, buildings and secure areas, drug storage, expensive equipment and vulnerable patients.  Searches include checks for:

Employment History
Education Verification
Criminal Records
Sex Offender Search
Nationwide Background Search
Professional License and Certification Verification
Nurse's Aide Registry Check
HHS/ Office of Inspector General's Exclusion List Check
Health Care Sanctions Check
National Practitioner Data Bank Check
Food and Drug Administration Debarment List
Government Services Agency Exclusion List
Health Care Integrity and Protection Data Bank Check

The Financial Services packages focus on security and fiscal responsibility in an applicant's past.  They also emphasize compliance with the Patriot Act, FFIEC and FDIC requirements, and other regulations.  Additional searches include:

Professional Licenses Checks
Professional References Checks
Employment Eligibility Verifications
Federal Bankruptcy Search
National Criminal Searches
National Sex Offender Registry
Statewide Criminal Searches
Statewide Sex Offender Registry
County Court Criminal Records Searches
Global Sanctions and Enforcements Check (includes FFIEC)
Prohibited Parties Check (includes OFAC)
Government Services Agency Exclusion List
County Court Civil Records Search

Search Packages

Comprehensive (all databases)
Domestic Services
Educational Institutions
Financial Services
Healthcare Industry
Hotels and Hospitality
International (250 countries)
Investment Screening
Pre-employment screening
Retail Sales
Right to work/legal residency
Security/Law Enforcement
Transportation Industry